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Over 20 years of research and experience.

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About the method

By submitting any type of impulse (picture, video, sound, writing...) we provoke an association in the person, which cannot be consciously influenced, ignored or interrupted.

A person produces this association within a milisecond. From the neuroanatomic point of view, it is nothing but an activation of particular neuronal junctions and synapses. This process cannot be rationally interrupted. Association occurs in any case immediately after the impulse is submitted.

Many associations can then be rationally corrected, for example using one's previous experience or expecting outcomes. The person asks questions such as: What is the proper reaction to this? How do I answer this correctly? If I say this, what will the consequences be?

If, however, we deal with "uncensored" authentic associations, we acquire a very different, deeper and more wholesome view.

The CA method is one of the few methods, which deal with measuring and evaluating these "authentic uncensored associations". Using this method we can submit impulses in various forms (words, pictures, films, sounds, eventually smells). These provoke associations to which the person is later instructed to react via colors. After evaluating his/her answers and comparing them with the norm, we can describe the psychological characteristics of his/her association quite precisely.

How do we achieve this with eight colors, or more precisely eight colored spheres? Colors are not used in this diagnostic method to work with the symbolic meaning of colors, as people often think. Colors are not employed to represent blue, red, yellow etc. as such. The reason for using colors in detecting associations and their psychological dynamic in a complexly structured psychological field is that each color represents a part of a physically and exactly measurable frequency field of color radiation. As a result, people are able to distinguish with the help of matching colors.

Naming of the colors by person is not important. It is not essential that the person names a certain color in the color sphere as red, orange, fiery red or blood red. It is essential that the color frequency waves pass through the human eye to the brain. Via colors and words, or more precisely the analysis of their associative links, the person is capable provides experts with basic material, enabling them to describe the dynamics of his/her inner way of experiencing and processing reality.

The on-line sensor of color word associations is simply an instrument used to capture original associations with the help of colors, evaluate them and transform them into results, parameters and conclusions. Even though it may look like "playing with colors", the psychodiagnostic method of color word associations functions on a neurobiological basis.

The CA method is a combined projective technique using a palette of eight colors and calibrated sets of words, which can be adjusted according to the focus of a certain problem. Monitoring these associations is possible thanks to a computer program, the so-called sensor. It is a radically new attitude to diagnostics and intervention to those previously known in classical psychology or psychiatry, where colors have been used in reputable psychological methods for a very long time (knowledge of colors has been employed by ancient Chinese and Sumerian philosophers, by Joseph Wolfgang Goethe, Max Planck and most prominently by Dr. Max Lüscher (author of the „The Lüscher Colour Test").

Lüscher first pointed out the transcultural transferability that the colors show. This assumption was then additionally confirmed by the most recent studies of the human brain, which registered extensive webs of neurons working on processing colors, time and space that are not dependent on the cultural environment in which the individual or the group lives.

This knowledge served as inspiration for a team of Czech experts led by psychologist Jiří Šimonek, who has spent his life studying colors and color word associations. The result of over forty years of psychological research in this area is the technique of color word associations together with the on-line sensor. Due to its original synergic connection of interdisciplinary methodological and methodical sources and grounds, the color word association is rightly ranked with progressive psycho diagnostic methods of the new generation.

This combined technique is one of the so-called blind techniques. This means that the respondent has very little opportunity of adjusting his/her answers to the expectations and opinions of others. During testing, he/she is not limited with the quantity or quality of available information or the level of his/her rational thinking. This is because the respondent uses association mechanisms, which are almost uniform in all people.

Our future vision

We believe that the CA method has the potential to provide help in diverse areas of human activity and to improve the life quality of both children and adults worldwide.

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