people worldwide have been measured, this number is rising each day.

Over 20 years of research and experience.

Cooperation with psychologists, pedagogues, scientists and experts from various fields.


Publication and presentation activities

The aim of our publication and presentation activities is to educate people about the technique of color word associations in such a way that it is considered a stable and reputable diagnostic tool. This is why our interest lies in attending conferences, offering counseling for university theses, giving seminars, publishing magazines for the general public, experts, and publishing books.

Scientific articles:

7/2014 - International journal of Computer and Information Technology - Knowmap as a New System in the Assessment and Management of Knowledge, Martin Malčík, Čestmír Kantor, ISSN: 2279 - 0764

4/2014 - BrightlightOn Scientific methodology - Dr. David Elliot

8/2013 - Comparison of school class atmosphere in Visegrad countries - Gabriela KIRÁLY, Karel OPRAVIL, Barbara SZTAJERSKA, Dobrochna SZTAJERSKA, David PEŠEK

Published books:

Ten stories about children and adults - Team of authors, ISBN: 978-80-905385-0-4

Man's Anatomy and Physiology/Anatomie a fyziologie člověka - PhDr. Mudr. Miroslav Orel, ISBN: 978-80-247-1521-6

The Man, his Senses and the World/Člověk, jeho smysly a svět - Miroslav Orel, Věra Facová a kol., ISBN: 978-80-247-2617-5

Publications available at the National Library of the Czech Republic.


7. and 8.11.2014 - The third annual conference EAOKO - Astana, Kazakhstan - The results of the pilot project on the use of the tool Bright Light in Kazakhstan in the interests of promoting schools - author: David Pesek

18.10.2013 - The second annual international conference EAOKO - Monitoring of school education (prospects of international cooperation) MINSK - Monitoring of school education - Prospects for cooperation between countries - author: David Pesek

14. 11. 2008Conference with international attendance at the University of West Bohemia on Psychology in education 2008 – The psychodiagnostic method Colors of Life as one of instruments available for school evaluation – authors: Mgr. Lucie Poláková, Jindřich Novák

7. a 8. 11. 2008 - XVI. International anniversary work conference of German, Czech and Polish partners for protection of children in the border region – "Children and adults – a two-dimensional world" - author Mgr. Marie Šťastná

19. – 21. 4. 2009 - Cross Border seminar - Career counseling and Colors of Life- Mgr. Jiří Šimonek

29. a 30. 3. 2011Znojmo Spring Inspiration conference - „Innovatively, modernly, efficiently, interactively" –JUDr. Josef Mareš Elementary School and Preschool, Znojmo – school with a programme for developing children's talents and abilities - Mgr. Jiří Šimonek, Mgr. Bohdana Fialová

10th October 2011 – Eureka B2B for R & D Cooperation - Presentation of opportunities for cooperation with delegation from South Korea - author: Ing. David Pesek

2nd – 5th November 2011 – 25th Czech - Slovak psychotherapeutic Conference in Luhacovice - Prospects for monitoring effects of outpatient psychotherapy group of boys with behavioral problems using CAmethod - author: PhDr. Stefan Matula

28th and 29th December 2011 - Congress of Medicine Initiative Lastavica in Sarajevo - Introducing the possibility of using CAmethod - author: MUDr. Filip Brodan

23rd and 24th February 2012 – Conference of Spring Inspiration in Znojmo - selected formative elements in the development of students from 6 to 20 years old – author: Jiri Simonek, psychologist

15th and 16th March 2012 - Meeting of founders of schools and nurseries in Poříčany - Czech Republic (organizer Touax Ltd) - Introduction of the technique of color word associations and its use in nurseries and schools - Author: Dr. Filip Brodan

Recommendation from academics:

8/2014 - Letter of recommentation for usage of the CA method in Marketing researchdoc. Ing. Marie Přibová, CSc.

In cooperation with colleges and universities we formed the bachelor and master thesis:

Psychological aspects of class climate - author: Bc. Veronika Kalužová - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda (2012)

Colors and color word associations as a tool for market research - author: Bc. Jana Heřmanová, head: PhDr. Petr Dvořák (2011)

Typology - self awareness and diagnosis of employees - author: Jana Heřmanová, head: PhDr. Pavel Beňo (2009)

Aggressive students in elementary school - author: Kamil Kavečka - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Ation and the process of teaching - author: Ivan Maňáková - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Climate of the class and its development - author: Iveta Mintělová - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Climate of the class in terms of psychology - author: Peter Životková - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Saturation level of the basic needs of the current family - author: Magdalena Siwková (field of study with tutoring and leisure focus - working therapeutic focus) - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Homework as a problem of interaction - author: Cyril Stranik - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Identification patterns of primary school pupils – author: Susan Jelínková - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Bullying in elementary schools – author: Kristýna Siamkasová - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Climate of the class and its solution – author: Peter Schmidke - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Aggressive behavior and speech of students solving third-class elementary school in Ostrava 1 Ostrčilova - author: Monika Podlesná - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Autonomy and self-sufficiency as a prerequisite for managing school stress - author: Lucie Kováčová - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Performance and personal discipline as a prerequisite for school maturity of the child - author: Radek Kupková - Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda

Psychological aspects of class climate - author: Veronika Kalužová, Head: PhDr. Jan Svoboda