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Sport - Victory is not only in your head. It often also depends on the communication with your trainee. Featured

It often also depends on the communication with your trainee.

Things, which block sportsman's own development, are very different. Very often it is just a seemingly unimportant thing that stands in the way of better results. To get rid of the block you need more than general techniques. You need an intervention selected in a targeted way. If we know exactly where the problem is, it is enough to slightly change the way of communication. And the result comes miraculously. But how do we reveal this problem?race-801940_1920-300x151

"I have consulted the troubles with weight control of one of the players with a national team coach. The sportsman perceived his problem over-sensitively and the coach used to literally paralyze him with his negative comments on the subject. When he saw that he was hurting his trainee by doing so, he completely left out this topic from communication and the sportsman achieved excellent performance in races," says Jiří Šimonek, the manager of Sportmind. He states this as an example of unfolding of the stressor and a successful intervention. It immediately followed that the sportsman took full advantage of his potential and won his first medal in the international arena.

There are a plenty of similar blocks. They are undesirable also because of the fact that in the mind of the sportsman there's the thought of his problem which appears when it is the least convenient. It affects their performance, concentration and technique.

"These blocking states have very different causes and they manifest themselves even in top sportsmen. Among other examples that we have faced with coaches were unresolved relations with one of the parents or pressure of their friends," says Šimonek.

Sportmind can unfold these details. Due to the fact that it is based on the measurement of the unconscious perception, it can go into depth of the sportsperson's psyche. It shows the specific cause of stress. Therefore, the intervention is accurate and targeted, sometimes surprisingly trivial from the coach's point of view. With the understanding of their own trainees, the coach can be much more efficient in working with them.

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